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Students ‘Stand for Freedom’

Ann Hardie writes for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

In January 2012, Dustin Hsu’s worldview forever changed after crossing paths with people from International Justice Mission, a human rights organization that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation and slavery.

“Hearing stories of families working countless hours in brick factories and young girls routinely raped and sold for sex affected me like nothing before,” said Hsu, a senior majoring in industrial engineering at Georgia Tech and president of Tech’s chapter of the International Justice Mission.

Read about Tech’s 27-hour “Stand for Freedom” event in the AJC Q&A with Dustin and in Tech’s student newspaper.
Make a difference for people oppressed by human trafficking through IJM.

Georgia Tech students, led by Dustin Hsu (center right), Stand for Freedom. (Photo: Lauren Brett)

Georgia Tech students, led by Dustin Hsu (center right), Stand for Freedom. (Photo: Lauren Brett)

Online porn ‘twisting children’s view of sexual norms’

Sandra Laville reports for The Guardian that social media, mobile devices, and online pornography in the United Kingdom are exposing children to the dangers of sexual exploitation.

The exploitation “is violent, it is sadistic, it is very, very ugly,” Sue Berelowitz, deputy children’s commissioner, told the home affairs select committee. She said the issue of how social networking, text messaging and pornography was being used as part of the exploitation of children and young people – often by teenagers not much older than themselves – was of serious concern. She said she was concerned about the viewing of pornography by young people, which contributed to the problem of child sexual exploitation.

“They are watching it and then they are enacting it. Parents think they know what their child is watching … the reality is children can get anything they like on their mobile phones and they are,” Berelowitz said. “This is affecting children’s thresholds of what they think is normal behaviour. Social networking sites can be a source of real problems in this area.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

For more information on how porn harms children, click here.

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