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Loving the (homeless) neighbor

Ricardo Moraes, a Reuters photographer, spent some time among members of O Caminho, or “The Way,” a Franciscan community in Rio de Janeiro that serves the megacity’s homeless people. The Big Picture presents a series of 20 photographs shot by Moraes during his stay, and his comments on O Caminho’s ministry are available at the Reuters photographers blog.

In the marketplace of the  Campo Grande neighborhood, community members groom the homeless. An elderly woman among the curious passersby comments, “It takes the love of God to do something like that.”


Moraes concludes: “What made me happy was seeing how they acted naturally with the poor on their missions. Nothing they do is premeditated, nothing shows they are feeding their egos nor using their religion for personal satisfaction. Their attitudes and daily lives confirmed everything Antonio told me, about how they live ordinary lives and how they need the strength of their faith to continue. But more than that, they live for brotherly love. As it says in the prayer of St. Francis, I can say I met young people who bring joy where there is sadness and above all, want to love more than be loved.”

Click here to view the photo gallery.

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