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Child’s rape sent family into hiding

Four-year-old Neha was raped at age 2 by the son of a man who was trying to force her family to convert from Christianity to Islam. Neha’s family was driven into hiding as extremists hunted them.

Their story is told in the  film Freedom Fighter, a documentary that focuses on the work of Majed El Shafie, an Egyptian who was sentenced to die after turning to Christ from Islam. In addition to documenting Majed’s trip to Pakistan, where Majed meets Neha and her family, the film also explores persecution of Christians in Iraq, China, and Egypt.

Majed now leads One Free World International, a human rights organization based in Canada that assists persecuted religious minorities. He will be speaking June 10 at Conduit Church in suburban Nashville, Tenn.

Click here to watch a trailer of Freedom Fighter.

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