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‘Tell my mother I miss her’

A new report from Christian Solidarity International:

Coptic Christian women in Egypt are disappearing in greater numbers from their homes, their schools, and their places of work. They go missing while returning from church, picking up their children from school, or traveling to the sick bed of an aging parent. They are often held as captives, subjected to physical and psychological abuse in the form of rapes, beatings, domestic labor without pay, forced marriage and forced conversion to Islam.

An example:

D. was 19 when she disappeared on May 20, 2011. She went to work as a computer technician and never came home. Her mother reported her missing at 6:00 PM that evening. At 11:00 PM, the police came to their home and told the family that she had married a Muslim man. The family reluctantly accepted the fact that their daughter had gone of her own accord.

D. called her father, an army officer, on June 20. As soon as the father realized that it was his daughter, he pushed the “Record” button on his cell phone. Through sobs, his daughter apologizes to her father and asks him to tell her mother that she misses her. Her cries are interrupted by the sounds of someone entering the room. The line goes dead. When K, the father, calls back, a man answers the phone and says, “She is unconscious now but let me tell you something, this girl is more important to me than anything else. I swear to God, if something happens to her, I will kill all of you and I will burn the church. You know that I can do that!”

Multiply Justice believes these atrocities will only increase in frequency under a Muslim Brotherhood government. You can read the full report and its recommendations. You also can sign a petition urging action on behalf of non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East.

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