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Escaping India’s child rape industry

Galen C. Dalrymple writes at about a trip to Bangalore, India, to research the sex trafficking problem:

… When Mary was just 5 years of age, she would be awakened by her parents during the wee small hours of the morning darkness and by 4 a.m. she was out trying her best to catch rats.  She wasn’t being sent to catch and kill them because they were pests, but because they represented a potential source of income for her parents who would sell the meat from the rats she caught for others to eat.  The most notorious of those who would eat rats are called “mushars” or “rat eaters.”  They represent the lowest of the low, the bottom rung of Dalits [the lowest, “untouchable” level of Hinduism’s caste system].

There was just one problem.  Mary wasn’t very good at catching rats, no matter how hard she tried.  She just couldn’t catch enough rats to help sustain the family.  So her parents sold her as a prostitute…at 5 years of age.  They needed the money.  Mary, after all, was just a Dalit girl.

For over a decade, Mary was a part of the sex trafficking of young girls (especially prevalent with Dalit girls) in India. … Finally, after those interminably long years, Mary was rescued by Operation Mobilization/India and the Dalit Freedom Network. She was taken into a safe, loving place where she would be fed, clothed, and given medical treatment for her diseases.  She was sent to the Good Shepherd School, which teaches not from a Hindu worldview, but from a Christian worldview, where she learned that she had immeasurable worth because she was made in the very image of God, that God loves and cherishes her.  She learned English and a trade. Now, at 18 years of age, she was ready again to go out into the world, not to catch rats or be a sexual object for child rapists, but to earn a respectable living as a contributing member of society.

At the graduation ceremony we attended that night, Mary was luminous.  After the ceremony was over, she moved through the crowd to find her parents – the ones who had sold her into sexual slavery years earlier.

Read the rest of this very compelling story by clicking here.

Dalit girl killed in ritual sacrifice

The Hindu reports:

The life of the five-year-old Dalit girl was sacrificed based on the superstitious belief that the sprinkling of her blood at the construction site will give the proposed structure life and enduring strength.

Rajalakshmi, daughter of poor agriculture laborers Thotthan and Annakili of Kachakatti, was killed on new moon day. The state of the body and the manner in which the child was murdered had sent shockwaves among the villagers.

Dalit activists who spoke about the issue said that as the victims of human sacrifice were often strangers or marginal members of the community the practice was rarely challenged. It was based on “construction sacrifice,” a practice done during the execution of building projects.

Read the full article here.

Visit the Dalit Freedom Network website.

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