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Kingdom justice … briefly

Health care for expectant women and young children

In one area of South Asia, 75 villages dot a mountainside. This area has experienced several massive natural disasters over the past 20 years. Floods and earthquakes have destroyed homes, clinics and schools. Southern Baptist humanitarian partners identified a crucial need for health facilities to serve mothers and children. Focusing on expectant women and children under the age 1, this health care facility helps 800 children in a year. The provision of basic health care is a powerful way to show and share the love of God with these families. (source)

Kingdom Justice … briefly

Community development changing lives in SE Asia

Recently BGR partners provided community development training to over 150 families in one Southeast Asian village. They helped start family food gardens by passing out chili pepper plants and tomato plants, as well as vegetable seeds. They coordinated two health clinics in which families were educated about dental hygiene, worm treatment, healthy diet, etc. Two weekly “Mommy and Me” classes were started with 18 children. The children are learning to recognize their letters, numbers, colors, etc. These community development principles have opened many doors for deepening relationships. Ask God to work through those relationships to help people find the new lives he offers them. (source)

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