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How to multiply justice

Our heart at Multiply Justice is that those who love God will not only actively seek to love their neighbors as themselves, but also will lead others to actively care for the poor and oppressed. We see this as part of obeying Jesus’ command to make disciples of all the nations. (Matthew 28:18-20)

A follower of Jesus multiplies God’s justice as that disciple digs deep into personal redemptive relationships with broken souls who need healing and with other believers who are on their own journey into justice. Here are seven steps to help you begin doing your part to multiply God’s kingdom justice in your world:

Identify God’s call on your life
Explore the range of problems and issues that oppress the weak and vulnerable, both at home and abroad. Read as much as you can about the issues that resonate with you and the best ways to help people struggling with those problems. Spend time in Bible reading and prayer. Ask mature believers to counsel you. As you do this, listen for what the Lord is saying to you about using the time, talent, and treasure he has entrusted to you. If you haven’t read about God’s S.H.A.P.E. for your life, do that now: here for a summary or here for an in-depth explanation or here for tools to explore and apply.

Find someone who can help you experience that ministry
Part of discovering God’s will for your life is “trying out” the ministry you believe the Lord is leading you into. Seek confirmation from others that God is calling you to that particular expression of love for people in need. Be especially open to the counsel of your pastor and other leaders of your church. Our Get Involved! page can help you find trustworthy ministries already engaging many issues.

Learn as much as you can about the issue
Once you have identified the justice issue to which God is calling you, go deep, both in studying and in doing. Search our Twitter stream. Explore our Facebook timeline. Exhaust our Resources page. Ask for more responsibility in your ministry situation. Set an example, in both word and deed, for others who have yet to understand their role and responsibility in advancing God’s kingdom.

Tell others
God is changing your life. He is using you to bring his shalom justice to people in need. Tell others about the need, about your experiences, about the specific people you are trying to help, about God’s requirement that his people help people in need. Encourage them to seek God’s will for their own lives.

Recruit others to help
Some of the people God has placed in your life still need to discover God’s call for their own lives. Invite them to help you in your ministry situation. If they found it a meaningful experience, invite them back. If they are not drawn to your ministry, encourage them to find the ministry to which God is calling them.

Gather a small group
You make disciples for Jesus by leading others to make disciples themselves. For you, that begins, as it did with Jesus, by finding the specific small group of believers God has prepared for you to lead into discipleship. Under the guidance of your pastor and other church leaders, identify those individuals and begin meeting with them regularly. Consult our Resources page to find ideas about how to spend your time together. Explore the global P.E.A.C.E. Plan to understand how you can engage the giant problems that plague humanity.

Plan to multiply
Read about the apple seed kingdom. Let the Lord speak to your heart about the tremendous potential of your own life to change the world. Ask the Lord to show you who you should invite to enter a mutual covenant of multiplying justice for the sake of God’s kingdom.

If you have ideas about ways to improve these suggestions — or if you would like to include us in your covenant of multiplication — please e-mail

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