Multiply Justice

It’s about the spirit of anarchy, not statues

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Jacques Ellul, looking back in 1948 at Adolf Hitler’s incarnation of spiritual evil, wrote: “Confronted by spiritual danger, Christians [ignored the power of prayer,] called men to arms and fought with material weapons. We have conquered on the material level, but we have been spiritually defeated.”

Today, we face the same danger: a society in thrall to death spiritually but Christians obsessed with the physical manifestations of anarchy. Perhaps many will rally to fight for “law and order” — but we will suffer defeat nonetheless, because we refuse to wage the spiritual battle and live in sacrificial neighborly love for the (spiritually and materially) suffering, weak, and oppressed all around us.

It’s not about the statues. It’s about the spirit of anarchy that compels people to tear down an unjust system when they have no idea how to replace it with justice. Only God, through his people, can establish #truejustice.

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