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Safe water for Mama Mary and all her ‘grandchildren’

From our humanitarian partner, BGR, comes this heart-warming video and update:

Mama Mary is the “grandmother” of her community. She is the community midwife who has delivered all the babies in her community for the past 50 years. When she was asked how many babies she had delivered during her lifetime, she simply pointed to all the people gathered in her small shanty and said about each one, “I delivered that one and that one and that one …”

Mama Mary told us how hard it was for her at her age to get water. She couldn’t go the long distances and haul the water back to her house. Since she was the “grandmother” of the community, she would go each day with a glass to every home in that community and ask for water. She would make her round of almost 50 homes, and that is how she got her drinking, bathing, cleaning and cooking water for each day. She remarked, “Water is life…without water, life is miserable.”

Our local partners were able to help get a flowerpot water filter for Mama Mary to use so that she would have clean drinking water. We also worked with the community to help construct a community water system. Now, not only does Mama Mary have good, safe drinking water and plenty of it, all of her “grandchildren” in the village do as well.

To help with this need, click here.
To learn more about BGR’s work, click here.

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