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‘Here we are, dying from hunger …’

Baptist Global Response shares this story:

khalidAMMAN, Jordan — In Syria, Khalid* and his family were self-sufficient. Then war changed everything. Attacks on their village sent them fleeing to a neighboring country. The family walked day and night, in freezing cold and rain, for four days. They were welcomed in Jordan and given warm clothes, but they had no way to make new lives for themselves.

“We fled from Syria so our women and children would be safe,” Khalid says, “and here we are, dying from hunger and lack of shelter.”

Khalid’s story is not unique — except for the fact his family has a father. Most of the Syrian refugees are women alone with children. Some of the fathers stayed behind to look after property, but many have been killed or “disappeared.”

The good news is that Southern Baptists are helping thousands of desperate families who have fled the violence in Syria — now totaling an astounding 9.3 million people, both inside the country and out, according to the United Nations.

BGR is connecting people who care with Syrian refugees in need — and you can help. A donation of $50 will provide a month’s food to a family of five. A gift of $20 will provide a hygiene kit packed with essentials like diapers, candles, matches and personal items.

BGR’s most recent project among Syrian refugees helps get refugee children back in a school setting. Many of the children are entering their third year with no formal education, and BGR is helping provide backpacks of school supplies, classroom equipment, and assistance to local teachers (who are refugees themselves).

“The refugee families are so excited that they are opening their makeshift homes to serve as temporary classrooms,” says Jeff Palmer, BGR’s executive director. “But my heart and soul are disturbed that so many Syrian families are in crisis. It is easy to forget. It is easy to turn our heads. My plea is that we don’t forget what is happening in Syria.”

While BGR has released $1 million in assistance to the Syria refugee crisis, only about $250,000 has been donated to offset costs. You can help by visiting

*Not his real name.

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