Multiply Justice

Truly desperate for God’s justice

hands prayer 2The excerpt below is taken from Just Prayer: A Journey through the Work of Prayer and Justice, a new eight-session prayer guide from IJM for those of us who are “desperate for the hand of God to tip the scales in a battle for justice where it seems ‘the wicked prosper’ (Jeremiah 12:1) and the poor and oppressed go without a defender” — even from among the people of God:

The Scriptures tell us that righteousness and justice are the foundation of God’s throne (Psalm 89:14). But when we see families held in slavery, vulnerable girls sexually assaulted, widows forced from their homes, innocent men and women in prison – the very foundation by which God established right order and governance appears shaken. The forces of evil in the world threaten to mock the living God, saying “Where is your God? Where is his justice?”

But, throughout the Psalms, God declares that:

— He will not be mocked (Psalm 37)

— He will rule the nations with justice (Psalm 67)

— He will hear the cries of the oppressed (Psalm 12)

— He will arise to bring rescue and justice to the poor (Psalm 72)

It is because of these promises we can be so steadfast in our hunger and thirst for righteousness. We know God will indeed move on behalf of the oppressed if we ask, and ask relentlessly.

So here we must evaluate the way we live and pray. Are we striving for righteousness? Are we merely asking for justice or truly aching for it? Does our hunger bring us to our knees? If we did hunger in this way—with such desperation that all we could do is pray — how might our world be filled with God’s unshakable justice?

Download the prayer guide in PDF format by clicking here.

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