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Help the poor by building relationships

Love-One-AnotherJeremy Myers posts at Till He Comes:

… Most of us don’t need to look for people living under bridges to find the poor. We probably already know them. However, they may be invisible to us, such as the fellow who mows our lawn or washes our car or the young woman who is a checker at a discount store or fast food restaurant.

The poor become visible to us when we spend the time and make the effort to get to know the people with whom we come in contact. Not all of those people are poor, but some are. When we get to know them we will discover that some of them are barely keeping a roof over their, and often their kids, heads. …

If you want to follow Jesus into the world and live your life like Jesus, then

— Get to know people.

— Build relationships with them.

— Learn to love them.

— Help them when possible.

We find living life this way looks so much like Jesus. For those of us who follow Jesus, those of us who are his body, this is “being the church” in our world.

Click here for Jeremy’s list of 16 ways to help the poor.

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