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Millennials: ‘A generation hungry for social justice’

Alvin ReidSummarizing Alvin Reid’s five reasons to be hopeful about our times because of these traits of the Millennial generation:

— Positive about the future

— Demonstrates a relational yearning

— Marked by learning

— Seeks genuine spirituality and has little taste for status quo Christianity

— Has a passion for social justice and social issues.

On that last point, Dr. Reid says:

Study the history of great spiritual awakenings and you see a consistent reality: As the gospel is recovered and proclaimed and lives are changed, the love for Christ seen in believers extends to the broken places in society. This is a generation hungry for social justice, or at the very least enamored by the idea.

We do have to remind students that social justice flows from the gospel and does not serve as a replacement for it, but this impulse in Millenials offers a great opportunity for gospel work in lives and culture. Yes, there is plenty to discourage us all around. But I see God at work, and I want to be a part of that.

Read the full post by clicking here. The post is adapted from Dr. Reid’s new book, As You Go: Creating a Missional Culture of Gospel-Centered Students.

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