Multiply Justice

That first Easter, God did justice for you

Mark Kelly writes at kainos:

All God’s creation was singing, shouting, and celebrating shalom — the perfect well-being and harmony that warms the soul like a sunbeam on a cool spring morning. And God said, “This is very good.”

But it didn’t last long. One bad choice — a decision to disrespect the Creator and selfishly indulge an appetite — and God’s good creation began spiraling down into brokenness and captivity. Shalom was destroyed. One generation after another multiplied the injustice. No one sought God. People cared only for themselves. The weak and helpless were bled dry by those strong enough to take what they wanted. The Father’s children were lost to him.

Almighty God would not tolerate the injustice. The Father’s heart was continually broken by the brokenness of his children, his anger mounted toward the one whispering rebellion to them. God warned he would not overlook the willfulness and oppression. He promised to send Someone who would break the chains and set the captives free. He would do justice — restore the shalom.

And when Messiah came, we enjoyed his stories about the Kingdom — then hated him for telling us the truth about our brokenness, selfishness, and captivity. We killed him for being the Truth.

The Almighty, however, is not one to relent or break a promise. In a dark grave, Light exploded. From death’s grip, Life broke free. The shroud fell away, and the world’s first truly free person stepped out of his tomb.

Resurrection Sunday was a divine act of Kingdom justice, and it did far more than revive Jesus’ soul. His physical being was healed. His circumstances were revolutionized. His relationships were filled with a power capable of infinitely more than any of us can ask or even imagine. True, complete reconciliation with God and with man was, by the Father’s grace, finally possible. As Jesus became, now we are becoming, day by day, and will — One Day — be!

The Almighty did justice for you in that moment. Cosmic justice. Ultimate justice. Jesus paid an awful price so you could be set free. You have been given new life and the Spirit continues to lift you toward salvation. You have at hand a holy book filled with the wisdom you need to walk in God’s ways and experience a life that is full, free, and forever. The Lord has provided you with brothers and sisters who can show you the better way to live, who can strengthen and encourage you as you walk together up the narrow road.

The grief of Good Friday and the joy of Easter Sunday call out to us. They beckon us to join Jesus in his mission of liberating the captives. They compel us to share abundant new life with souls trapped in living death, to bring light to slaves laboring in darkness. You can fight whatever injustice keeps them enslaved. You can show them the Lord’s way to make a place for themselves in this world, and the next.

You don’t have to look far to find someone whose heart is captivated with darkness. You are surrounded by broken souls who have no clue about walking in God’s ways. Everywhere you turn, the weak and helpless stumble under a heavy burden. The poor are sliding down toward destruction because they have no one to show them the better way. They are your brothers and sisters, desperate for family who will step up and show them how to live free.

The Lord, who did justice for you, requires you to do justice for them. When the Judge delivers his verdict on your life, he will weigh the evidence that you personally helped “the least of these.” A grateful heart would be headed there anyway.

This Easter — as you reflect on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday — will you give yourself wholeheartedly to multiplying Kingdom justice? Will you obey the one who said, “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you”?

Have you read God’s Revolution?

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