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Banished to the ‘witches’ camp’

God executes justice for the fatherless, the widow and the outcast, and loves the foreigner, giving him food and clothing. Deuteronomy 10:18

witchesEddie Cox shares a story about a village consisting entirely of women and children, located 10 minutes outside of a city, off an old motorcycle trail. No one wants to talk about the village or visit the women because it is a camp (i.e. prison) for witches. Ninety women and children live in the village. Christian workers visit the camp twice a month to share Bible stories and care for the residents. When a woman is able to leave the camp and return to her village, they help her transition back.

Excerpted: When a woman is accused of witchcraft, she is placed on trial. The chief kills a chicken, and the direction its body falls determines whether or not the woman is a witch. The people in this area are terrified of these women; they want to kill anyone who is suspected of being a witch. The chief provides a “safe” place for the women to live. The townspeople believe that once a woman enters the Outcast Camp, the power of the chief prevents the woman from performing spells. The longer a woman stays in the camp, the less power she has until eventually when she is an old lady she is allowed to leave the camp. The majority of these women have been abandoned by their husbands, parents, and friends. They are forced to farm the chief’s land in return for their safety. They are outcasts of society. … Please pray for these women and children. Pray for their eyes to be opened to the truths of the Gospel. Pray they would know that though they are outcasts in society, in God’s eyes, they are worthy and someone for whom Christ died.

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What does it look like to be an outcast in your community?
Who is an outcast in relationship to you? What can you do to bring Kingdom justice to them?

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