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Texas teen’s right to not abort protected by family court judge

loving handsThe TEXAN reports:

HOUSTON—A judge on Monday (Feb. 18) granted an injunction against the parents of a pregnant teen who alleged they were forcing her through intimidation and threats of violence to have an abortion. Stephen Casey, an attorney representing the 16-year-old girl, said she and the teenage father of the baby are both relieved by the decision of Judge James Lombardino of the 308th Harris County Family Court that frees her to carry the pregnancy to term without coercion from her parents.

“We are very proud of our teenage client for being strong enough to stand against her parents to save her unborn child’s life,” said Greg Terra in a press release issued by the Texas Center for Defense of Life. Terra and Casey, founders of the Texas organization, represented the girl known in court documents as R.E.K.

Taking the Roe vs. Wade decision and “turning it on its head” as he put it, Casey argued the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand also provides women the right to choose life for their unborn babies. A 1979 case, Bellotti vs. Baird, gave minors the right to choose abortion or life.

Casey admits there is an irony in using the 1972 abortion case to champion a pro-life cause. But he likened the situation to David’s defeat of Goliath.

“It was Goliath’s sword. It wasn’t something David crafted. He used what was there,” Casey told the TEXAN.

A family member of the teenage father sought legal assistance for R.E.K. after discovering she was being pressured by her parents to terminate the pregnancy. Court documents reveal a contentious relationship erupted between R.E.K. following the discovery of her pregnancy by her parents in mid-January. The teen’s mom reportedly suggested slipping an abortion pill into a drink for her daughter. On Feb. 8, according to court documents, the teen’s father sent her a text message telling her she “needs an a–whoopin’.”

Casey obtained a temporary restraining order against the parents Feb. 12. The case for the injunction was heard Monday afternoon.

“[Her parents] agreed not to coerce her to have an abortion for the duration of her pregnancy,” Casey said following the hearing.

Read the full article by clicking here.

Learn more about the Texas Center for Defense of Life by clicking here.

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One thought on “Texas teen’s right to not abort protected by family court judge

  1. Thank God that that girl gets to keep her baby =)

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