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Do you value your freedom? Speak out for Saeed Abedini!

saeed abediniAmericans who value freedom — regardless of political conviction — should be raising their voices against Iran’s sentencing an American citizen to eight years in prison. While Saeed Abedini’s case is at heart a religious freedom case, anyone who holds an opinion or advocates for an action that would result in imprisonment in Iran should be protesting his persecution by the tyrants running Iran and calling for strong action by the U.S. government to win his release.

A strongly bipartisan coalition of U.S. lawmakers has joined the International Religious Freedom Caucus to release a letter to Secretary of State John F. Kerry and urged him to “exhaust every diplomatic avenue possible” to secure Mr. Abedini’s unconditional release.

Henry Waxman (D-CA) wrote “Pastor Abedini’s case exemplifies Iran’s flagrant violation of human rights and religious freedom. We hope that this letter, with its deep support from all across America, will show Saeed Abedini that he is not alone and that we have not forgotten him.” Trent Franks (R-AZ) said, “The overwhelming bipartisanship of our congressional letter to Secretary of State Kerry demonstrates the serious implications of Saeed Abedini’s case in Iran and the need for swift action by our State Department. When a U.S. citizen is unjustly detained and imprisoned—particularly in Iran, a country with no respect for rule of law or fundamental human rights—the State Department should come vigorously to his or her defense. As Secretary Kerry assumes his new position at State Department, the Saeed Abedini case deserves his immediate and personal attention.” Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) concluded, “This letter informs both Secretary Kerry and the nation of Iran that the members of Congress, and the people we represent, refuse to silently accept this violation of human rights. We will continue to speak out until Pastor Saeed is free to come home to his two young children, his community of faith, and his country.”

Do you enjoy going to whatever movie you want and listening to the music of your choice? Are you pro-choice or stand against anti-gay discrimination? It should not matter to you in the least that Saeed Abedini is being persecuted for his religious beliefs and behavior. He is an American citizen unjustly imprisoned by tyrants.

You ought to do something to express support for this man:

— Watch this video about the impact of the Abedini case.

— Visit the Facebook and Twitter pages of the International Religious Freedom Caucus and reshare their calls for action.

— Sign a petition for the immediate release of this unjustly imprisoned American.

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