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Getting to the heart of social justice

Just SpiritualityWhen it comes to “doing justice,” what is the difference between the Body doing Kingdom justice and other groups pursuing social justice? Why is it such a mistake to care for social needs without giving attention to the condition of the heart?

Mae Elise Canon’s new book, Just Spirituality, says the practice of the disciplines — such as silence, prayer, study, community, worship, sabbath, and submission — provides the fuel that powers our pursuit of justice, moving the world toward the right relationships and right living that should characterize the Kingdom among us. She looks back at seven significant figures in the battle for Kingdom justice and suggests ways their practice of Christian spiritual disciplines can help us be molded, shaped, and transformed more into the image of Christ as we pursue our mission of compassion and justice.

Chapter titles:
Mother Teresa: From silence to service
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: From prayer to discipleship
Watchman Nee: From study to evangelism
Martin Luther King Jr.: From community to proclamation
Fairuz: From worship to freedom
Desmond Tutu: From Sabbath to reconciliation
Oscar Romero: From submission to martyrdom

Learn more at by clicking here.

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