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Youth on the march … for life

When you read USA Today’s coverage of the March for Life held today in Washington, D.C., take a moment to scroll through the excellent slideshow — and notice how youthful many of those faces are.

In spite of setbacks and powerful opposition, a generation is rising that doesn’t buy the self-deceiving rationalizations that “justify” killing children in the womb for sake of convenience. The polls confirm it, as this generation rises, Life will win.

CC Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty NC

CC Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty NC

This excerpt from the article ought to encourage you:

Anina Lund, 14, Monica Dewey, 15, and Monica’s brother Jackson, 12, came from West Chester, N.Y., with a group from St. Anne’s Church — 118 people all clad in neon-orange hats and green scarves to keep sight of each other in the giant crowd. Both girls spoke of how their families faced abortion decisions.

Monica, one of 10 children, recalled, “My younger brother was very sick in the womb and the doctors told my mom to abort the baby, but she chose not to. He is here today and he is perfectly healthy.”

Jackson chimed in, “It’s pretty cool that my mom didn’t give up. It’s cool that I am alive.”

Anina had a similar story: “I had a little sister who was going to be aborted because she was premature. But now, she is 7 and she is perfect. This march gave my mom so much support.”

Lauren Benzing, 18, of Solon, Iowa, who came with 350 others on 13 buses from the Catholic Diocese of Dubuque, was too young to vote last November but, she vows, “as soon as I can (vote), I will support pro-life. But with the march, I feel like I can still make a difference.”

Learn more about March for Life by clicking here.
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