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When men treat women as objects …

objects for saleA core dynamic of injustice is objectifying others, seeing them as means a means to your end — failing to see them as being like ourselves: human souls cherished by God. Men are particularly guilty, and never more so than the way they regard women. Whether it’s the women we encounter every day or the women and girls whose sexualized images we see in the media, we seldom stop to ask ourselves if we would want to be used/treated the way we are using/treating them. The majority of males in America are emotionally and spiritually crippled by the everyday porn the consumer culture constantly throws at them, and women suffer even more, in a myriad of ways, because of men who treat them as objects to be used and consumed.

Marty Duren offers some excellent thoughts at Kingdom in the Midst:

The movement to liberate women from the supposed shackles of male oppression in the U.S. celebrated the right of women to assert themselves, to use their feminine wiles to their lasting advantage. “If you have it, flaunt it,” was expressed by more than one approving feminist.

But a not-so-funny thing happened on the way to, or perhaps as a result of liberation: objectification.

One end of liberation has clearly been a loss of respect. Men have certainly lost respect for women, but women have also lost respect for themselves. When primary expressions of liberation include women making objects out of themselves someone needs to ask, “Is this all there is?”

… Most do not see most objectification for what it is. However, the attitude is the same even if the end result is not. That we oft mistake it for beauty speaks as poorly on the viewer as on the victimized.

… Objectification and exploitation can only be stopped by men, because in almost every case men are the end users. Men fill the brothels, men descend upon the Super Bowl host city to pay for the opportunity to exploit women and girls for the night, men fly into cities like Atlanta, Georgia to attend “parties” where they’ve paid for the opportunity to rape girls, many of them drugged into compliance. Men pimp, men coerce, men kidnap, and even when women are in the line of exploitation it is often because they have victimized previously. Men can stop this. Men must.

The differences between the woman in the revealing swimwear, drunken coeds on Girls Gone Wild, a prostitute, a stripper or a sexually exploited child are only in the extremes and opportunities. The mindset is the same. Objects have no opinion, no right of refusal, no humanity, no femininity. Like a tire or a piece of lumber they are only good for as long as needed, then discarded. Human waste.

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If treating women as objects is a core dynamic of injustice, a key principle for multiplying justice is allowing God to transform the way you regard and interact with women. When a man banishes evil, selfish thoughts and begins to relate to women the way Jesus did, the Almighty will awaken the giant that sleeps within him. Here’s a resource from Kenny Luck that could transform men and launch a justice revolution in your church and community.

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