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It’s dangerous to tell the Truth

Mark Kelly writes at kainos:

It’s not hard to understand why lost people would hate the truth, but worldly people in the church resist the truth that God calls his people to revolution. Even earnest believers may be reluctant to rock the boat. When the world is being good to you, it’s difficult to risk your security. Even if life isn’t all that easy, why make matters worse?

We make matters “worse” because, while the world loves darkness and hates light, Jesus is the light — and he calls us to be light. If we aren’t being light in the darkness, we aren’t being his people.

Powerful people are deeply invested in the status quo. There’s good money in oppression — really good money. For them to be powerful, others have to be weak. What do you think will happen if you start training weaklings to be warriors? Start proclaiming liberty to their captives and freedom to their slaves and see how they respond.

You cannot serve God and preserve the status quo. The Lord is the God of Transformation. His agenda for the world is change. He created the world in fellowship and light; the Enemy has filled it with alienation and darkness. The Father’s deepest desire and eternal intention is to banish the darkness, overthrow the Oppressor and bring his lost children home. … The Father’s work is finished in heaven, but not on earth. Darkness reigns in many quarters. God’s lost children cry out in pain. The Father will not rest until the last of his children is returned to his arms. We must not rest until he does. To make camp is to stop following the Father.

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