Multiply Justice

Who cares about equality, freedom, and justice for all?

CC DreamWorks NCMark Kelly writes at kainos about Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln:

… If the cause of equality, freedom, and justice for all in this country — in this world — is going to be advanced, do not look to the cynical nest-featherers in Washington. Instead look in the mirror. This country’s only hope is for us to step across the street, across town, across the tracks and partner with the people who have a vested interest in solving local problems with local resources. Even if top-down solutions did work, our federal government is too gridlocked, too corrupt, too mired in mindless ideology and sedimentary bureaucracy to take the bold action needed to do justice for the people.

If you care anything about equality, freedom, and justice for all, it will be up to you to forge the alliances in your community and attack the giants that oppress your neighbors. As with Lincoln’s boys in uniform — Union and Confederate — marching determined into battle, courage and self-sacrifice will win the day. When we are ready to risk everything for peace, when we decide to truly love our neighbors the way we love ourselves, we will see Almighty God move in our communities and transform lives. We will see justice “roll down like waters” – a mighty flood of justice, a river of righteous living that will never run dry. (Amos 5:24 NLT)

Jesus warned us a grain of wheat must fall into the earth and die, but promised that, in dying, it would  bear much fruit. (John 12:24) Who is willing to die to self to see God’s kingdom come, as Jesus prayed, “on earth as it is in heaven”?

You know you can’t count on posturing demagogues and their useful idiots to pay the price. The question is, are you willing?

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You might consider this excellent new book by Stephen Mansfield,Lincoln’s Battle with God: A President’s Struggle with Faith and What It Meant for America

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