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On-line child sex trafficking up 83% in Georgia blogs:

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families, between 2007 and 2011 on-line sex trafficking of children grew 83% from 106 to 194 children. [Click here for the report.]

What it doesn’t say is that the average life expectancy of a child victimized this way is 7 years from the time they were forced, coerced, or defrauded into it. There is also no way to measure the cumulative lives lost or destroyed, its only a snapshot of who is suffering right now. The article linked here is further evidence that our world (every one of us) must do more to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Backpage is a business, just like Craig’s List. It was clear to advocates that when Craig’s List attempted to stop its site from advertising sex services that the business would just move on over to Backpage. Now a year or so later, we have the evidence that it did just that.

Oh, did you know that Backpage was a private equity investment whose investors included Goldman Sachs? Thanks Nick Kristof for this article exposing this travesty.

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and Selling American girls: The truth about domestic minor sex-trafficking
Help stop child sex trafficking: Love146
Contact the Georgia Governor’s Office for Children and Families by clicking here.

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