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Exploring the Bangladesh factory fire

Anyone who wants to see justice done for underpaid workers in dangerous conditions will benefit from this helpful examination of the complexities of global commerce.

Adam Geller of the Associated Press writes:

The factory fire: Global commerce, local tragedy

Bangladesh fire griefIn the charred bones of the Tazreen Fashions Ltd. factory, the labels and logos—sewn and printed in scarlet and royal blue—beckon from the ashes. Even in ruins, there’s no missing that these T-shirts and jeans were intended for U.S. stores and shopping carts, designed as bargains too good to pass up, or stocking stuffers just in time for the holidays and in just the right size.

But a week after the blaze outside Bangladesh’s capital killed 112 workers, a glaring question remains unanswered: How, exactly, did brands worth fortunes end up in such a place? And what does the odyssey that brings them to market across thousands of miles say about the everyday economics most consumers take for granted?

Read the article by clicking here.

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