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Raising up a generation of leaders for South Sudan

Jane Middleton writes for Baptist Global Response:

AKOT, South Sudan — In the new country of South Sudan, where most children are under-educated and constantly malnourished, BGR partners are making a difference with a nutrition/health program in two local primary schools in Akot, South Sudan.

Living Water Community Transformation operates those schools, providing a solid, values-oriented education to help raise up a generation of leaders for South Sudan able to help transform their communities. With the help of the World Hunger Fund, the schools also focus on nutrition and health needs that can keep children from learning as well as they could.

“South Sudan faces tremendous challenges as a new country,” said Mark Hatfield, who with his wife, Susan, directs work in Sub-Saharan Africa for Baptist Global Response. “Decades of war have taken a heavy toll on the people, on top of the difficulties of just living in such a harsh climate. Making an investment like this in children’s health and education will make a profound impact on the country for generations to come.”

LWCT sent a four-member team to the schools, where they partnered with Akot Christian Ministries to provide nutritional assessments, parasite medication, vitamins, and immunizations to over 600 children. The children received vaccinations for DPT, measles, meningitis, and polio.

Read the rest of the article here.

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