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Former sex slave finds freedom

Janean Chun reports on the Huffington Post:

Pamela Villarreal grew up as a sheltered child in a middle class home in upstate New York. But at age 15, one act of youthful rebellion ended up with her abduction as a sex slave for three weeks and not knowing on a daily basis whether she was going to live or die. By escaping the very day she was supposed to be sent by train to her new “owner” in New York City, Villarreal got the second chance at life she prayed for.

Healing from the traumatic experience didn’t come easily. Though her life was no longer in danger, Villarreal couldn’t find the comfort she needed in her family, as she had been a victim of incest, nor could she find it in marriage, as she was in two abusive relationships before reaching her mid 20s.

Read the full article here.

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