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Palestinian sentenced to death for selling house to Jews

How can the Palestinian Authority advocate for the legitimate justice concerns of its citizens when it inflicts an injustice like this on its own?

Daniel Halper writes on National Review:

Former Palestinian intelligence official Muhammad Abu Shahala has reportedly been sentenced to death by the Palestinian Authority for selling a Hebron home to Jews. In response, Jewish officials from the community in Hebron are calling for international officials now to get involved—in order to save Abu Shahala’s life.

Two leaders of the Jewish community in Hebron wrote a letter addressed to Ban Ki-moon, Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, and other high-ranking officials, [saying in part] “It is appalling to think that property sales should be defined as a ‘capital crime’ punishable by death. The very fact that such a ‘law’ exists within the framework of the PA legal system points to a barbaric and perverse type of justice, reminiscent of practices implemented during the dark ages.”

Apparently the first law adopted by the PA after it was established in 1994 was the one that defined selling land to Jews as a capital offense.

Read the full article here.

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