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Aunt Bertha can help find help

Mashable reports:

There are thousands of non-profit organizations, government programs, charities and other services across the United States specifically working for people in need. But finding a program that fits a user’s particular situation and location (and the application process that follows) is not only difficult — it’s intimidating.

That’s where Aunt Bertha comes in.

Aunt Bertha simplifies the search for food, health, housing, education and employment programs through its easy-to-use website. To find the programs a user is eligible for, all she has to do is type in a zip code and answer three questions based on family size and income — and it’s all anonymous. Armed with this data, Aunt Bertha delivers free and comprehensible information about relevant programs, including qualifications that need to be met, contact information and guidance on how to apply.

Read the article here. 

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