Multiply Justice

Serving up Shalom

Jim Liske writes on BreakPoint:

What can you learn about peace and justice while sitting down to a good meal of blackened catfish and cheese grits?

If you’re hungry, The King’s Kitchen is Charlotte, North Carolina, is probably your kind of place: the food is great. If you’re hungry for something more than food, then the King’s Kitchen is definitely your kind of place.

The King’s Kitchen is the brainchild of Jim Noble, a restaurateur whose culinary vision was inspired by the likes of Auguste Escoffier and Julia Child. His restaurants use local, high-quality ingredients to create what Noble calls “New Local Southern Cuisine.”

Happily, Noble’s passion extends far beyond food. As a Christian, he seeks to serve God by serving his neighbor. While the food and setting are similar to what you would get at Noble’s other restaurants, the King’s Kitchen is a ministry and not just a business.

One hundred percent of the profits go to “feed the poor in Charlotte, the region, and the world.” The concern for the least of Jesus’ brethren doesn’t stop there: the King’s Kitchen “partners with area ministries to provide employment opportunities to Charlotteans in search of a new beginning.” Its vision is to “train and equip those previously unemployable in the restaurant trade,” including ex-offenders.

Read the full article here.

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