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Charlotte got her life back

The AJC reports:

For many years, Charlotte Whitlock’s bedroom was the most comfortable spot she could find under a city bridge.

She would break down cardboard boxes she found on the streets and put those on top of rocks or concrete, the way the other crackheads and bridge dwellers had shown her, then she would pad the cardboard with a lot of blankets and seek the sleep that would take her away from who she was. She saved bottles of water to brush her teeth, and she would get meals and clothes from charities around downtown Atlanta. …

Charlotte Whitlock has now been sober for more than a thousand days — the greatest accomplishment of her life. … She loves the fact that she is no longer a ghost in the lives of her sons and her sister but a person of flesh and bone who was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow.

Read the article here. 

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