Multiply Justice

Seek Social Justice: Transforming Lives in Need

Daniel Olasky, editor

Seek Social Justice: Transforming Lives in Need is a 6 session Bible study for adults that explores the serious and complex problems of poverty, addiction, and homelessness. Passion alone won’t solve them. We need effective strategies for meeting human needs. Combining real-world examples of effective action with the wisdom of Christian leaders like Chuck Colson, Al Mohler, and Marvin Olasky, this study will challenge your ideas about social justice and how to transform lives in need.

Get a better understanding of the roots of suffering and social breakdown. Explore the roles of the individual, family, church, business, and government in promoting social justice. Challenge assumptions about what role you play in truly transforming lives in need. Video lessons contain commentary from leaders across the country who think deeply about justice and engage human need in their communities.

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